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Terms and Conditions
General Provisions

§ 1.
The Regulations define the rules for the use and operation of the website located at These Regulations, together with the laws in force in the Republic of Polish, define the rights and obligations of users and the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Service Provider in connection with the use of services made available via the service.

§ 2.
Any reference in these Regulations refers to:
Regulations - should be understood these rules;
NetLeaders - it should be understood NetLeaders Jańczak Luke James Mroczkowski Civil Partnership, based in Wiecbork (89-410 Więcbork) Street. Solar 50, code 341335021, NIP 5040072327; site - it shall mean the Internet platform available at owned and operated by NetLeaders,
Intellectual property - should be understood in particular patents, utility models, trademarks, trade names or domain and e-mail addresses, copyrights (including any such rights to systems typographical websites and software), registered or not and any applications for registration or the right to apply for registration of any of the above, and rights to inventions, know-how, trade secrets and other confidential information, database rights and other intellectual property rights similar or the corresponding kind that exist now or will exist in the future any part of the world.
User - this shall mean the natural person who, through acceptance of the Terms and pass the registration procedure accesses the services offered by NetLeaders within the service,
Advertisers - should be understood as not being a consumer: a natural person conducting business activity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which for the purposes of and / or increase sales or promote its products and / or services through the advertiser's website offers exercise leads;
Advertisers page - it should be understood every web page maintained, managed and administered or distributed by the Advertiser to which users are redirected through the Service;
Account - should be understood as a safe place on the site available to the user who created them, with the exception of other users, which is published by the state's accumulated cash for the performance of leads and a  collection of information about the User, including given by his personal data, which yields: the ability to access to services by the user after entering login and password, the ability to modify the published data, the ability to modify account settings, the ability to communicate with administrators or other users;
Administrators - should be understood as persons designated by NetLeaders responsible for maintaining the service, in particular authorized to provide technical support and supervise the users Users undertaken within the service and their compliance with the provisions of the Regulations.
Lead - should be understood as performed by the user directly to the advertiser's site assignment or taken by him other action, the conditions laid down by the Advertiser in an organized and conducted by him Shares for which entitled user of NetLeaders set his salary, as long as the User will be a  reference to the advertisers for that purpose by the service, eg. filling the contact form, to register, to provide certain information or opinions, participation in the game, take advantage of the commercial offer, ordering a  product, etc .;
Action - should be understood as a promotional campaign, advertising or marketing organized by the Advertiser in its own name and for its own account, under which it is possible to perform leads through the service;
Tracking - should be understood as monitoring activities, methods, or other user activity within a NetLeaders or the Advertiser to verify the accuracy of registered leads and check whether any method or activity, have been taken or applied by the user affected, intentionally or not, to register or to increase the amount of leads in violation of the Rules;
Artificial movement - is an expression of collective involving false Leads, ie. Made in accordance with the principles of these Regulations or the principles and objectives defined by the advertisers for the Shares registered by the application or start a ways intended to circumvent these principles and / or objectives or done automatically using used related software, committed intentionally or unintentionally, which results in an assignment to the account or increasing the salary for a given user from NetLeaders, including artificial (improbable, impossible) to increase the amount of leads, and which may be caused in particular automatically load a page, software updating indexes of Internet search engines, web crawlers, requests sent via email or discussion type of chatroom services, generators, scripts, etc.

Service is an Internet platform that allows users participated in Shares by exercise leads to the advertiser's pages for a fee prescribed by NetLeaders in this respect.
As part of the service provided NetLeaders placed on the site links to Pages advertisers, on which - as a result of the reference by the service - it is possible to perform certain tasks or activities (leads) to contribute to the Shares advertisers and to receive any remuneration; NetLeaders shall include a brief description of the site and inform Leada the amount of money owed for its implementation, and also administers and maintains user accounts and collects and stores data on the total salary due to you will be charged for the correct execution of the various leads and pays them.
The technical requirements necessary for proper use of the service include ownership by the users e-mail accounts and Internet-connected computer equipped with a web browser Mozilla Firefox 10, Chrome 16 or equivalent.

II. Conclusion and termination of contracts for the provision of electronic services

§ 4.
The User may be a natural person with full legal capacity. user of the website can also be a natural person with limited legal capacity subject to the submission consent of statutory expressed in writing to be valid and sent to the address: NetLeaders sc, st. Słoneczna 50, 89-410 Wiecbork.

§ 5.
By registering Account User you agree to all provisions of these regulations and undertakes to respect them. Using the services provided through the site in case of non-acceptance of the Regulations is ineligible.
The condition for participation in specific Actions, under which it is possible to perform leads the acceptance of specific conditions for the Shares determined by advertisers and are available on the advertiser's pages. Before taking part in the action User is obliged to familiarize themselves with these modalities, and in the absence of their acceptance of resignation from participation.
In the case of withdrawal of consent for any of the conditions hereof User you are obliged to remove your Account or notification administrators to revoke the approval of a request to remove the account.

§ 6.
The service contract shall be concluded by electronic means from the start by the user to use the services provided by NetLeaders within the service You use the service to send properly completed registration form. Services are provided only for registered users after a successful login to your account.
Registration requires knowledge and acceptance by the User of the provisions of the Regulations.
NetLeaders after receipt of a properly completed registration form will create a user account. The user will receive an e-mail address provided during registration containing the activation link will be automatically generated access to the account.
The user gains access to the account and services to the site using your login and password.
You should not share their login or password to any third party. The Client is solely responsible for making them available to a third party.

§ 7.
The contract is concluded for an indefinite period.
You may terminate this Agreement for the provision of electronic services at any time by notice, without giving reasons and without delay.
NetLeaders may terminate the Agreement for the provision of electronic services by notice giving 14 days' written notice or immediately in the event of important reasons.
Deleting User Accounts by Administrators is tantamount to the termination of the contract. The removal Accounts You will be notified at the address indicated by e-mail.
User solves Agreement by:
Self deletion of the Account, or
submitting a request to remove the account administrators.
In the case of the request to remove the account administrators pursuant to paragraph 4 termination occurs after a period of notice of 72 hours.
Immediately after termination NetLeaders send you information about the status of the account unless it shows zero state, and at the request of the User to pay the amount due to him. If the state of the account after the contract is less than 10 (ten) charge can be received by you in cash at the headquarters NetLeaders or at the request of the User will be sent by bank transfer to a  specified bank account, after deducting the fee for money transfer, except that the amount does not insufficient to cover the costs of bank charge.
As an important reason for termination of the contract by NetLeaders immediately considered, inter alia, such act or omission User that threaten to cause or causing injury NetLeaders.

§ 8.
Registration and access to all services within service is free of charge.
NetLeaders reserves the right to modify any platform, including its tools, appearance, and feel.
NetLeaders may assign its rights and obligations under the contract to another entity of their choice with the transfer of rights to the site - with your consent. The intention to transfer rights to the site and associated with the transfer of all rights and obligations to another person NetLeaders is obliged to warn the user by sending a notification to the specified e-mail address and setting a 1-month period to make a statement regarding consent to the foregoing. The notification should include information about the planned date of transfer of rights and obligations and to indicate the data subject that they will take over. No termination by you in this period of delivery shall be deemed consent to the assignment, which does not preclude termination by the user on a basis specified in § 7 section 2.
In the event of termination NetLeaders undertakes to remove any accumulated in the database.
You agree to transfer the NetLeaders information concerning the operation of the service, correspondence and statements related to the concluded agreement, as well as services available on the site and the Shares on specified by him e-mail address.

III. Registration and Account

§ 9.
To use the services provided by NetLeaders within the service, it is necessary to open an Account. Account assumed by filling out the registration form - application of mandatory data, enter the activation code and read and accept these Terms and Conditions.
Registration involves completing a form available at
It is required to provide the following information: name, email address and password. The data should be entered in the form fields for this purpose. If you delete the data user loses the ability to use the service.
Completion of the registration procedure on the site, the effect of which is to establish accounts, it is possible to you that:
It ensures and declares that he has read and approved the contents of the entire Regulations
You consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and on their presentation (based on your selections) on the site.
confirms the authenticity of the data provided on the registration form.
agrees to receive the indicated in the registration form e-mail account system messages, including alerts about new messages or calls in the box, technical breaks in the action, changes in the Rules and new features.
User is obliged to update data in your Profile in the event of changes.
The processing of personal information contained in the registration form and the data made available it created Account is held with the consent expressed by registering on the site NetLeaders processes user data in accordance with the privacy policy, the Act of 29 August 1997. Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. of 2002. No. 101, item. 926, as amended.) And the Act of 18 July 2002 r. on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item. 1204, as amended.).
Participation in each Action, available through the service, in order to carry leads may depend on the application by the user specific data other than those required when registering to the site or making certain statements or information in accordance with the specific conditions laid down by the Advertiser, with whom User should be consulted. These data, statements and information are passed directly on the Site Advertisers Advertiser. For the method of processing and use of this data, statements and information NetLeaders not responding.

IV. Terms of use

§ 10.
User is obliged to provide accurate and timely data. You may not impersonate other people, use fictitious data in order to increase the benefits of participation in the actions, use the software automatically performing actions giving calculation of remuneration for participation in Shares, or allow a  motion artifacts.
You can register one for himself than one account (it is unacceptable for one person to have more than one account).
It is forbidden to share your account to others.
It is forbidden to use accounts belonging to other entities.
It is forbidden to perform motion artifacts.
Unacceptable actions are likely to impede or destabilize the operation of the service Regardless of appreciation for tort User action involving an attempt to destabilize the service can constitute an offense under the criminal code.
User is obliged to:
refrain from any action which might hamper or disturb the operation of the service and the of service as a nuisance to other users.
respect for copyright and related rights and intellectual property, as well as the prohibition of disclosure of secrets protected by law,
refrain from any acts violating the privacy of other users, in particular the collection, processing and dissemination of information about other users without their express consent, unless it is permitted by law and these regulations.
It is prohibited to place on the site and dissemination through it:
tracks, including software, subject to the rights of other people - without proper authorization,
unauthorized software designed to destroy, alter, remove, damage, hindering access to computer data, significantly interfere with or prevent the automatic processing, storage and transmission of such data, disrupting telecommunication networks and systems.
computer passwords, access codes or other data enabling unauthorized access to information stored in a computer system or data communications network,
transfers an advertising, promotional or marketing - without permission NetLeaders.
Content, information, data, music, software, communications posted contrary to the above prohibitions they can be immediately removed by administrators.
The news content unlawful, offensive, inaccurate, illegal commonly applicable in Poland, violent, immoral or violating generally accepted decency is prohibited. Such content can be immediately removed by administrators.
NetLeaders reserves the right to modify or delete accounts, the content of which is contrary to the Regulations or have a negative impact on the image of the service or NetLeaders.
In the event of circumstances specified in ust.1-10 Administrators have the right to:
User call for the immediate removal of irregularities
disable User Account pending investigation or remove the irregularities,
Remove Account and terminate the agreement with immediate effect specified in § 7. 3 and 4.
If there is reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of the data entered by the user, administrators can require the production of relevant documents confirming the data within the prescribed period.
In the event of termination due to violation of the prohibitions set forth herein or any other of its provisions NetLeaders may refuse to renew the agreement with the user and prevent him from re-registering on the site or create account be removed again.

V. Personal Data and Privacy Policy

§ 11.
The administrator of personal data made available to him by you is NetLeaders Jańczak Luke James Mroczkowski Civil Partnership, based in Wiecbork (89-410 Więcbork) Street. 50. NetLeaders solar processes your personal information to the extent necessary to create and shape the content changes, solutions and proper provision of services electronically. With the consent of the User NetLeaders processes its data in a wider range than is mandatorily required for your registration. Shared by the user data are processed for purposes related to the use of the services provided on the site, and with his consent may be processed by NetLeaders for statistical and marketing. The data can be made available only to public authorities authorized to access the data under the relevant provisions of the law.
NetLeaders processes personal data in a manner consistent with applicable law, in particular the adequate protection of data.
The user is entitled to access their data and correct them. Disclosure of personal data is voluntary, although necessary for performance of the contract, and relates exclusively to the implementation of those objectives.

VI. Remuneration for leads and terms of payment

§ 12
The user is calculated financial reward for correct execution leads to the advertiser's site, which enter by clicking the link on the site stated. The rate of pay is determined separately for each type of Leada.
The salary is due and will be credited to the account for the correct and complete implementation of the Leada.
The remuneration is not due in so far as it is due to motion artifacts. Artificial movements are detected during and as a result Tracking.
NetLeaders does not accept m. Al. the following activities:
multiple registration of the same data one Leada;
use of personal data to third parties;
use disposable e-mail addresses.
The remuneration will be paid to you, on request, subject to verification of its legitimacy in the process of Tracking aimed at the final - against payment - validate leads, ie. Whether the fee has not been accrued by the system due to error or to take motion artifacts. In the absence of positive verification in this regard the status of the account will be reduced.
Payment will be made by the end of the calendar month following the month in which the user has reported demand payment of accumulated funds.
Confirmation by the service performance Leada by the user automatically after the relevant activities consistent with the description Leada. On the other hand verification of the Leada by NetLeaders made in accordance with paragraph 5 of purpose disbursement of funds after notification by the user application for their withdrawal.
For each Lead, which does not pass verification in accordance with paragraph 5, You do not need to pay.
The withdrawal of funds during the term of the contract will be made in specified by the user's bank account, if the total value of the Account exceed 8 (eight), respectively.
NetLeaders stipulates that at some Leadach may be laid down additional or different terms of payment of salary or other terms disbursement of funds for the execution of those leads, which will be clearly marked on the site the description of the Leadu or directly to the advertiser's site.

VII. Copyright

§ 13.
User by placing data, image, materials or speeches (including works: text, photo, graphic, audio-visual materials, audio materials) on the site agrees to free use by NetLeaders of the published content, including images contained therein, by fixation, reproduce and publicly available content on this website so that everyone has to have access to content in their preferred time and place, for the purpose of informing about.
You grant NetLeaders the right of free use and dissemination in presentations and other materials posted by its data and / or statements presented as part of a wider whole (eg. Visualize your contact list or discussion forum depicted realistically existing data).
By placing certain content on this website, you must ensure that they do not infringe the law, or the law protected rights of third parties, including the rights to the image, and the user is fully and solely entitled to publish the content on the site.

VIII. Responsibility

§ 14.
NetLeaders is not responsible for the content and form of material expression and information contained in by the user.
NetLeaders is not responsible for the content of private messages sent by users. People who send messages, whose content violates the law or the law protected the good of others, may suffer in this respect civil or criminal liability.
You are fully responsible for the infringement or the damage caused by his acts or omissions related to the use of the site, in particular giving false information, disclosure of official secrets or other confidential information, violation of personal rights or copyright or related rights.
NetLeaders clearly stipulates that the use of the site depends on creating opportunities to participate in actions organized by the advertisers and the provision of the services they provide, purchase products or other offerings - by redirecting the service to the Party Advertisers on which these shares, services, products, or offers are available. NetLeaders not responsible for information and materials placed on Pages advertisers, because there is no influence on their content and form. NetLeaders is not responsible for the value, accuracy, faultless, security, accuracy, usefulness, usability or completeness of the benefits offered by advertisers. These offers are not covered by the warranty or guarantee NetLeaders. NetLeaders also not responsible for non-performance or improper performance of undertakings, representations, promises, offers, or assurances by advertisers, unless their non-performance or improper performance is a result of circumstances for which it is responsible NetLeaders.
NetLeaders responsible for non-performance or improper performance of their services to the general principles laid down by the Civil Code and other generally applicable law.
In the event that the NetLeaders notification of authorized public authorities about the illegal nature of the stored data provided by the user and prevent access to those data, NetLeaders be liable to the user for any damage resulting prevent access to such data or its removal.
NetLeaders reserves the right to make technical interruptions in the provision of services; They will endeavor to break these took place during the night hours (CET) and lasted no longer than 24 hours in any week provision of service.

IX. Complaints

§ 15.
Disruption in the functioning, and attention problems associated with the services within the service may be advertised by the User. The user is in particular entitled to lodge a complaint in case of non-performance or improper performance by NetLeaders own debt, as well as because of the quality or correctness of its services also.
The complaint shall be submitted in writing or by e-mail NetLeaders or by placing a claim on the "Help".
The complaint shall specify the data and address of the applicant, the circumstances justifying the complaint and proposed a way to remove the effects of the alleged irregularities.
The complaint must be filed no later than 30 days from the occurrence of the event that justifies lodging the complaint.
The complaint will be examined by NetLeaders in less than 14 days. The outcome of the complaint You will be notified by e-mail at the address indicated by him or in writing. NetLeaders position concerning the refusal of accepting the complaint must include a justification. If the explanation of the relevant facts underlying the complaint and related to events beyond the control of NetLeaders or services provided by third parties for which the service provider is not liable, it will be impossible in the time limit set for the complaint, NetLeaders is required at this time, notify the user of the need to make additional arrangements and the expected date reconsideration.
NetLeaders reserves the right to interfere in the User Account in order to remove distortions or problems in the functioning of the Account or Service

X. Transitional and Final Provisions
§ 16.
NetLeaders reserves the right to make changes in the Regulations. Any change in the Rules of NetLeaders will notify users 14 days in advance before the entry into force of the amendments, sent by electronic mail to the addresses provided by the Users to correspond with NetLeaders.
In the case of amendments to the Regulations to you as soon as log displays a  list of changes. User is obliged to familiarize himself with the Regulations in the new version. Clicking formula "I hereby declare that I have read the new wording of the Rules of Procedure, understand and accept it in its entirety." It means the expression of the will to stay in a contractual relationship with NetLeaders the conditions laid down in the Regulations in the new version. No click above formula means the termination of the date of entry into force of the amendments to the Rules. Amendments to the Regulations do not apply to leads made or initiated before the entry into force of these changes.
In matters not regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act of 18 July 2002. On electronic services and other applicable law.
The agreement is subject to Polish law and the jurisdiction of Polish courts.
NetLeaders announces that a natural person who has entered into an agreement with NetLeaders for purposes not related to business activities (consumer) has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 10 days from the date of its conclusion, the statement lodged.
These Regulations come into force on 01.11.2012 r.